Home alone (or not)

I’ve been writing lately about the three P’s: programming, photography, and politics. Many of you must be bored out of your mind and are thinking, Damn! Terry.TMI.

Time to break it up a bit.

A friend is in the process of moving to a new place. She mentioned that she had never lived on her own before. She’s always been with boyfriends or her parents.

[At home with the parents after the jump]

Living with my parents

After I graduated college, I spent a year at my parents’ house. Before I started graduate school, I quit my job and my dad had just taken early retirement. It was a hot summer, so we were lazing about on my parent’s bed.

My mom walks into the room and exclaims: “What am I going to do with two lazy unemployed bums in the house?”

Friend: “Your family stories are funny.”

One thought on “Home alone (or not)

  1. Hey Terry – I couldn’t find an email address for you anywhere… I’m really interested in the Tokina 16-50 as a cheaper replacement for my recently deceased Canon 16-35 2.8, and would love to hear your feedback on the lens (there’s very little info out there!). I’m particularly interested in focus speed and sharpness at 16 2.8 and 50 2.8. Please email me at scott@scottharris.ca when you have a chance – I’d really appreciate it!

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