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Andrei pointed me to this article trying to find the next MySpace.

Look at the sidebar: the numbers are pretty impressive when you consider what ad revenue that represents.

Multiply was an analyst pick because it has “strict privacy controls and lets people set up networks that can only be viewed by people invited to their group.” Having worked at a company with the strictest privacy policy in the universe, I’ll disagree with the pick.

In light of my recent Haiku fun:

Network Privacy?
Live quiet desperation
in obscurity.

3 thoughts on “YASNS privacy

  1. Well Xanga has morphed from an epinions knock off, to a portal, to a blog, to a social network, so I guess it’s okay to put it in this bin.

    There is something very wrong with the numbers on the right. Facebook is listed as having 16.7 million uniques/day according to the list, but has just shy of 15 million members. I believe their 30 day retention is amazing—around 50%—which means that their upper bound is actually 7.5 million uniques/day (assuming everyone who is retained visits the site daily). I bet their real number is around 4 million uniques/day. This is very good but is going to make around a $120 million/year less in expected revenue!

    Facebook pulls in 70k new members/day which is not enough to affect those numbers. The network is not useable unless you join.

    On the other hand, MySpace’s numbers sound realistic, given that Google paid $900 million for 3 years on MySpace.

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