I was just thinking about how microbrews and other drinks try to come up with clever brand names. How come nobody has called theirs whupass beer? The beauty is instead of bottling it, it’d be most popular in can form.

Think about it: “Pass me a can of whupass.” “Don’t make me open this can of whupass.”

If anyone ever comes out with this, remember you heard it here first. (I’d like a six-pack in lieu of the rights.)

Man does live by beer alone

For some reason this made me think of Jay, who I have mentioned before. One day in college Jay decided to prove that “man does live by beer alone.” To test out this theory, he resolved to diet on nothing but beer and vitamins for an entire week.

Caltech had a baseball game on Friday at the end of that week. Jay was the catcher on the baseball team.

Needless to say, it wasn’t pretty.

He lived.

Wild Dog Pizza

On Liquid Television that year there was a skit that nobody remembers where this guy said, “Wild Dog Pizza.” I don’t remember it well but it was quite random.

Jay thought a guy yelling “Wild Dog Pizza” was pretty funny and actually had a rubber stamp made that read: “Wild Dog Pizza, Music, and uBrewery” (the u is supposed to be a lower case greek letter mu as in “micro”). This sort of place would deliver pizza, sell CDs and brew beer. Which are the three basic food groups for a college academic.

A couple years later Remy and I made a few gallons of our own microbrew (Wombat ale). While that was nice, I think “whupass” would be a better brand to be carried by Wild Dog Pizza, Music and uBrewery.

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11 thoughts on “Whupass

  1. I have always wanted to open a brewery in Kaniva, Australia.

    That way everytime somebody mumbles or slurs “Can I have a beer” they would be handed a Kaniva Beer and sales would be through the roof.

    I am not dead sure that that works with all accents, but I think drunken slur is a reasonably international dialect so I am hoping it does.

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