Re-enabling Visor in Snow Leopard

Visor rocks.

What it does is add a system-wide hotkey to open Terminal as an overlay. The problem is it doesn’t work in Snow Leopard.

A little investigating implied that the problem was that SIMBL is not updated for 64-bit. So the trick is to simply “Get Info…” on Terminal and have it launch in 32-bit mode…

(Re-enabling Visor)

Now if only Logitech Control Center worked in Snow Leopard. I know the application is suck, but I’m getting tired of weird finger yoga to get at the control key on my Logitech DiNovo Mac Edition Keyboard. 🙁

4 thoughts on “Re-enabling Visor in Snow Leopard

  1. Nick,

    Thanks for the ideas!

    I think that the Logitech bundle install trick only enables the drivers if you boot SL into 32-bit mode (hold the “3” and “2” key on bootup). Trying to load 32-bit LCC on a late model Core 2 (or newer) Intel box booting a 64-bit kernel. (I think the issue you mention withe the expose and spaces bindings can be worked by binding it to Mouse x and then using Control Panel to override.) I’m going to wait until the dust clears on that, since I happen to have tons of keyboards and mice, some of which aren’t Logitech.

    I looked at the metaskills post, and got the impression that the main use of that is for people who either want a 64-bit main terminal or don’t want a dock icon to be sucked up with a 32-bit terminal. Since terminal isn’t exactly memory intensive, it seems checking the box is just as adequate. (In the screenshot above, you can see it’s a Visor slide/drop down, not full screen.) Oh, also there appears to be a weirdness where the first time I launch terminal I don’t get the command key until I flip to Terminal and flip out.

  2. Ah sorry Terry didn’t realize you were running the 64bit kernel, im still only using the default 32bit in SL, your screen shot does indeed show it working just fine. When I tried running terminal in 32bit (w/32bit kernel) I couldn’t get it to slide down more than once, it would just stop working after that but fullscreen worked no problem. The leopard copy of terminal used from the post above fixed the sliding issue for me.

    If i didn’t get visor working I probably would have done something drastic like put back on 10.5 =D

  3. That’s the case with me and Quicksilver. Luckily you can install the beta from Google Code and it works (though sometimes my keyboard mappings go wonky). Unfortunately, I had to trash some of my preferences to get it to launch without crashing.

    (Also a 64-bit version of Synergy2 or Synergy Plus (+ SynergyOSX) would be nice right now because I’m building out a desktop machine at the same time.)

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