VaultPress sign-up

At the meetup, I noticed someone had a laptop with an interesting advertisement with a “golden ticket” offer to theVaultPress beta.

The next morning, Stephane noticed that they applied that into a clever signup page. Check it out!

Apply for Beta — VaultPress

For those of you who don’t know. VaultPress is a service Automattic is developing to continuously and automatically back up your WordPress install into the cloud. Unlike a blog export or a backup, it backs up everything. The blog options, themes, plugins and plugin setting, revisions on posts, and more.

Michael Pick has an excellent 1.5 minute video of VaultPress on WordPress.TV:

Matt likes to say that if Automattic is going to do X, that we should make sure it’s the best darn X around. If you blog on a WordPress install, maybe you should apply for the beta and see for yourself if he’s right. 🙂

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