Triumphs of the Human Spirit

Blurb is hosting Lunch 2.0 today on Valentine’s Day!

Reading people’s twitter’s I think

Am I the only single person who loves Valentine’s day?

Oh the gifts, flowers, chocolates, singing telegram, and the the restaurant dinner reservation! I love watching the public trauma this day brings to two people in love. Sometimes it is like a romance sped up. Other times it is a romantic comedy in miniature, but mostly it is a complete disaster—still memorable in a “visit the inlaws” sort of way.

To that last one, I remember how my friend Jay broke up with his girlfriend by taking her to McDonald’s for Valentine’s—given how I love fast food, this would probably be my ideal date. 😀

I thank that I never have had to privately experience that public trauma. Historo-mathematically, it should have happened—I know that I’ve been in a relationship during some February 14th of the past, but somehow I’ve been spared any compulsion to participate.

Instead, I normally celebrate it by spamming friends and family with an e-card.

Not this year.

[Triumphs of the Human Spirit]

Triumphs of the Human Spirit

Dave says that it’s been too long since I’ve blogged something “feel good.” But every time I do, I get teased mercilessly—in fact, I’ve decided to call those articles my “triumph of the human spirit” postings.

The first time that phrase was pointed out to me was a decade ago, back when my mom was still alive, a bunch of us were trying to decide on a movie, when my brother pointed that he had recently read a movie review calling some movie a “triumph of the human spirit.”

When that phrase is actually pointed it out, it’s sort of hilarious.

Ever since then, when someone says something makes them “feel good,” I ask to myself:

Yeah, but is it a “triumph of the human spirit?”

PostSecret triumph

So to honor Dave’s request, I’ll swipe this video from PostSecret:

For those few of you who don’t know, here is an explanation of what PostSecret is about. There are also a lot of books, for those of you who like the printed word.

You have my license to shed a tear and feel a little good.

After all, it’s Valentine’s. If you can’t be sappy on Valentine’s when can you? 😉

Pillow fight

Another great event today include Pillow Fight Club’s annual SF pillow fight at 1 Market Street which doubles as the SFlickr meetup. I missed this last year, but if I go this year I’m afraid I’ll get withdrawals from being at a perfect fun shooting location and being without camera. Not to mention, that I’ll probably get pegged by some pillows because of it.

4 thoughts on “Triumphs of the Human Spirit

  1. Well, holy shit! What should I find while making sure I don’t have any career-ending gaffes (that I don’t know about) on the Internet before I start looking for a new job? Good old Dr. Chay. Wow! It brings back fond memories of Tech days.

    Anyway, you’ve got a very entertaining blog here. I laughed hard remembering “don’t touch the woodwork.” (That crazy old bat, it isn’t like that house was worth anything anyway.) I’ll definitely be checking it in the future. It was always clear you were destined for greatness, or something like it.

    Finally, to clarify things — I don’t believe I took that girl to McDonalds, though that would have been great, especially for someone as pretentious as that girl was. I’m curious about what the original source of this legend is. Of course, I could have forgotten as a defense mechanism.

    Take care,

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