The Truth about [insert YASNS flavor of the month]

From some random Flickr browsing, I came across an amusing description of MySpace profiles. The site I guess is a parody of “The Drudge Report” a conduit by which the right-wing field tests their latest talking points.

The article felt eerily familiar, like something I read once on a Right-Wing humor site, Buttafly (Part II in a series with this and this).

This blatant copy of another joke, with the only substantive difference being the replacement of “Friendster” with “MySpace” reminds me of something I once read about right before the crash. (Companies like SixDegrees, Junglee, and PlanetAll were social networking sites before social networking was cool.) Since it has been six years, I’ll paraphrase: “[Social networking sites] are like a high school party: it’s fun until everyone shows up and all the cool kids leave.”

When you are in the social networking space, those are words to live (and die) by.

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