The Rubbernecking Theory of Google Glasses

[John Gruber writes][]:

One of these guys is wrong.

It’s [possible][wiki:false dilemma] that they’re both right in what they observed, but both wrong in trying to derive a conclusion from their observations.

[John Gruber writes]: “Two Takes on Google Glass at I/O—Daring Fireball”
[wiki:false dilemma]: “False dilemma—Wikipedia”

Guy #1:

[Those of us][glasses Mark Wilson] who believe in the future of Glass technology can identify other culprits: We can blame price. We can blame availability. We can blame battery. We can blame the silly aesthetic. We can even blame it on the rain! But imagine if Apple announced their new iPhone, yet almost no one at Cupertino felt the need to carry one. Or imagine if Ford announced a new car, but their execs insisted on biking to work.

If Google’s own cohort doesn’t feel compelled to wear Glass in spite of its perfectly predictable shortcomings, why would they ever expect that the rest of us will?

You know, when Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone in January of 2007, I didn’t see Apple’s own cohort “compelled” to carry around their own phone at Macworld.

Guy #2:

[The glaring omission][glasses Pete Pachal] didn’t stop Glass from stealing the show for the rest of the conference, though. Day 2 of I/O was packed with sessions on Glass, including one where official Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr apps made their debut. The sessions themselves garnered the kind of lineups usually reserved Lady Gaga tickets. Many developers were walking around wearing Glass, but it was the looks of jealousy from the Glass-less that underscored just how much interest there is in Google’s head-mounted gadget.

You know, driving to San Francisco from San Mateo yesterday, I noticed we participated in [a major multi-mile “packed lineup”][wiki:rubbernecking] before a particularly terrible car wreck.

rubbernecking google

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