The double switch

*iPhone rings*

“What’s up?”

“You called me earlier.”

“I’m at work now.”

“What’s that noise in the background.”

“I’m watching the latest BubCast. There is something about Spock. They’re hosting a Lunch 2.0 soon and I need some fodder for our announcement. All I found so far was that shit TED posted.”


“You know…from Uncov? I met him last week. Someone on the website said he looks like Steve Jobs and John Lennon’s love child.”

TED drinks the blood of Web 2.0 startups

TED drinks the blood of Web 2.0 startups
Mars Bar and Restaurant, SOMA, San Francisco, California

Nikon D200, Tokina 16-50mm AT-X PRO f/2.8 DX, built-in flash
1/60sec @ f/3.2, iso800, 17mm (25mm) is everywhere. I was talking to some guy the other day saying how is everywhere and he says, ‘I write for’”

“Who was it? Alex Ho?”

“I don’t know.”

“Asian dude, carries a Canon, takes event photos.”

“Yeah, I think that was him.”

*watching video* “Geez, what’s up with this cute-girls-reading-geek-news thing anyway?”

Alison McNeill does BubCast

“I suppose that’s the new booth babe. That reminds me of the double-switch. Did I ever tell you about the double switch?”


[The double-switch, t-shirts, and Lunch 2.0 after the jump.]

The double-switch

“I could have sworn I did. Well you know you’re at a conference and you see a hot babe at a company’s booth and say something like, ‘Hey I heard you switched to PHP5?’
“Then she says, ‘I just work marketing here. But Darryl—the guy over there with the glasses—he can answer your question.”


“It’s their loss leader.”


“The booth babe baits you there, but then they switch you over to an engineer to free the line so they can reel another one in.”

New trend in the world of podcasting

“Hah. Well I guess the same thing is happening on podcasts.”


“You know like…get online.”

“Hold on a sec.”

“Like this, this, and this.”

“Holy shit.”

Amanda Congdon, formerly of RocketboomCali Lewis of GeekBrief.TVMorgan Webb does Web Alert

“Yeah, it’s like an reverse-Denny’s-waitress thing.”


“You know how they say Denny’s hires ugly waitresses to make their food taste better?”

“What’s Om Malik going to do? There should be an affirmative action program for ugly looking old men.”

*laughs* “I read something just like that on Valleywag.”

T-shirts here and abroad

“Hey there is an American Apparel ad in the link you sent me. What are they? Are they an underwear company or something?”

american underwear ad

“No. They’re mainly known for nice t-shirts—like Busted Tees uses them. They cost more because they’re made in the U.S. or something.”

“Heh. That’s like the reverse of ‘For Kids By Kids’ report.”

“Hah! I need to blog your double-switch thing.”

1 I’m reading Mark’s first e-mail about Lunch 2.0: “Hey Joyce and Adam [of Renkoo], we weren’t kidding about Lunch 2.0. We already bought the domain name. Want to be admins on our community blog? The idea is that we’ll announce where we’re hitting up for lunch and invite people to come along. Then afterwards we’ll post pictures, etc. It’ll be great.

But that’s the Lunch 2.0 mission statement:

  1. Hit someplace up for lunch
  2. Invite everyone
  3. Blog it

It’s great!

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  1. After I posted this, a friend (who I won’t incriminate by saying names) mentioned that Joyce Kim looks a lot hotter next to Om Malik: Denny’s Waitress Theory strikes again.

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