The cost of working at a website that targets teens.

I woke up today and had four zits on my forehead.

That’s like two more than I had my entire high school years. What’s up with that?

(Yeah, I was blessed with good skin so, fuck you!)

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3 thoughts on “The cost of working at a website that targets teens.”

  1. Could be Rosacea. That’s what happended to me. Starting getting pimples in my early thirties out of the blue. Took the dermatologist a year to figure out it wasn’t acne, it was Rosacea.

  2. @John: Very good point.

    In my case, I think it’s because of really bad diet and wake/sleep caused by my job, move, and the couch/sleeping bag combo that doubles my a bed. Besides, I’m Korean and with the things I say, if I actually blushed easily…


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