Creative abuse of the OSCON submission system

OSCON proposals are due in 20 minutes. I submitted something just now. That’s like 10 minutes sooner than last time. I am improving. 🙂

The last talk new talk I gave was at OSCON so I had to come up with something new. Since I just changed jobs and actually spent the afternoon one of Dave’s submissions (in exchange, he was the one who reminded me (multiple times) that proposals are due), I had to keep things sort of vague but possibly interesting at the same time.

That was a challenge.

[My proposal after the jump.]

My proposal


Possibly Hyped Poppycock: PHP looks at Web 2.0


Somewhere along the line the “web problem” got a software update…

Social networking, tagging, programmable web, mashup APIs, web services, CSRF and XSS: there is a lot of jive that comprises Web 2.0’s Internet as a Platform. But PHP isn’t about well thought out acronyms like “Ajax” or “JSON.” Heck, “PHP” isn’t a very well thought out acronym.

Nor is PHP about “convention over configuration” or advocate the “front end controller” design pattern, and what PHP lacks in a quality “framework” it makes up in quantity. But it is still the shortest distance to two points on the web, and yes, even that “two-point-oh” version release.

How do you apply this “shared nothing” “glue code only” language to really viral sites? What did it swipe from the smorgasbord of ideas and what did it leave behind?

After this talk, hopefully you will find a couple tricks worth wagging about, no matter how long your “long tail” might be.

Description Short:

A crash course in applying PHP 5.0 software to Web 2.0 buzzwords.

Speaker bio:

Terry Chay has been doing commercial web development for eight years which is a long enough time to claim credit at Tagged for a whole lot of hard work actually done by others. In past lives, he built the first internet travel search engine’s backend, replaced a team with a PHP SOAP middle tier for home control, was replaced by an entire team building an Ajax front-end for Plaxo.

He gives seminars on PHP, which really is just a veiled excuse to play with Keynote and say really shocking things about software development that sometimes even offend himself. He also thinks it’s pretty cool that he can honestly put at least seven years of “Ajax experience” in his resume when it has only been around for three of them.

Look at it this way

I’m sure there is something in this mess that I might actually do somewhere between now and July. And even if not, I definitely have an opinion on it. I really like going to OSCON because the few moments after I’m not trying to finish up my slides are actually quite fun, so I hope they buy it.

Sure, I haven’t really haven’t anything at TAGGED worth talking about, but look at it this way, my talk, if accepted, is going to be like the freshest wine in the house. 😀

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