Remembering the coffee

It’s my birthday today!

“Happy Birthday to you! Thank you for being born, you make this world a better place. :)”
twitter from a friend

Well, thank you, thank you. I can’t claim all the credit for being born—my mom pushed too. 🙂

Which reminds me of a story…

[A birthday story after the jump.]

One of my mom’s favorite stories:

A birthday story

I was seven years old. My father was driving Mom and me somewhere.

“Hey Dad,” I say suddenly, “You know how when I was four and you took Kenny and me to Buhl Planetarium, and you told us to remind you to pick up some coffee for Mom on the way back?”

“Umm, no…” my dad replies tentatively.

“Well, I forgot then so I’m reminding you now.”

My mom laughs, “Terry! You remember so much. I bet you remember what it was like being in my womb.”

I stop for a second.

“It was dark and lonely, mommy.”

(Even Dad caved for that one.)

Thank YOU!

Thanks for pushing, Mom—I miss you terribly.

And to you reading this, my friends and future friends, thanks for making my “outer womb experience” less “dark and lonely.” 😉

Please have a great, great MY BIRTHDAY today.

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