I stitched my first panoramic shot in 1994. I had just gotten an IS-10 and went to the top of the Duquesne incline plane and took a picture of Pittsburgh. I then digitized the photos with a scanner and stitched it together using my limited Photoshop skills. (360 degree panoramas aren’t the only use, there are some amazing wide aspect ratio shots that are impossible to get otherwise.)

Now things have improved greatly for me. I own a a real camera and a auto-leveling tripod with a panoramic head. So it is time to do some panoramic photography again.

When I first started digital photography, the software to use for stitching panoramas is the Apple Quicktime VR Authoring Studio ($400) which is still sold by Apple even though the web page for it has disappeared from Apple’s website and hasn’t been changed in 5_ years. Unfortunately, it stitched and blended really well, many commercial programs today can’t compare to it.

Well the lack of Mac OS X support is a deal killer (along with its exorbitant price). Time to look for another solution.

I decided to try PTMac.

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