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Here’s Brian Solis’s blog I ran across because of the latest Lunch 2.0 event (oDesk): PR 2.0. Since I’m not a PR/Marketing type I don’t understand it, but other readers might find it useful in finding there is more to Web 2.0 marketing than “viral marketing.”

Actually, I’m hurt that in PR 2.0’s latest article, Jeremiah credited Joseph with co-founding Lunch 2.0 instead of me. He deserves to be boinked for that one, especially because I distinctly remember explaining to him how four of us founded Lunch 2.0 before I blacked out at the party.

Here I’m telling the Lunch 2.0 story to Kay. Obviously she is overpowered to be talking to the guy who ponied up all the venture capital for Lunch 2.0 ($2.95 for the domain name). I only had three glasses of wine at this point. Still sober.
Photo by Jeremiah Owyang.

If you get me drunk enough, I’ll tell you the Lunch 2.0 story.

5 thoughts on “PR 2.0

  1. Thanks for running this post! Alison McNeill is actually working on a piece regarding the creation of Lunch 2.0. Can you send her a quick note [Edited: removed addy]? That way we get the story right. Thanks!

  2. I’m so sorry about the mixup with the founders of Lunch 2.0! That was not intentional and we will do everything we can to clear that up on our blog. We sincerely apologize.

  3. You guys are kidding about being sorry right?

    First of all, it’s Jeremiah’s fault. Second, Joseph was a co-founder. He came up with the name, and the best Lunch 2.0 quote I know: “Well we always believed that if we got a single free meal out of it, we’ve accomplished our mission.”

    Just goes to show you us Lunch 2.0’ers were setting the business/networking bar really high. 😀

    I hope more people read your blog. There’s a lot of interesting outside-the-box PR thinking there so I thought it deserved mention.

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