POW makes Ajaxian

Dave told me his website was getting stumbled.

The reason is he made Ajaxian:


Congrats. I love Ajaxian even if you have to wonder with all the Web 2.0 koolaid they drink there what’s going to happen when they have a James Jones moment.

Dave, as your first user ever, you have to convince me why I need to use it. I’m sure one of these ajaxnauts can figure out something useful to do with the extension.

[Personal stuff after the jump.]

Private note

Dave couldn’t help noting my habit of sticking my foot in my mouth and saying sh*t that just shouldn’t be said:

After viewing the comments, I do realize that the readers of the site really like Frameworks in Java that help them with their XML-based J2EE-dotNet-Websphere apps.

You beat Bruce Eckel to the comment that all of the
Java nuts migrated to Ruby

I guess I can’t emphasize enough how fucking stupid Rails is. I should blog about it sometime just to piss everyone off some more.

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