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Swami sent me this Post column making fun of a Times promotion.

I must confess my humor is a bit more plebian than Swami’s.1 While I find the idea of a pleasant exchange of barbs between my formerly favorite op-ed and my currently poor substitute2 sort of amusing, I really think being a columnist today is like my brother’s explanation of his discipline: “Economics is a mile wide and an inch deep.” Surely this columnist could have thought of something more interesting to poke fun of than a pathetic contest made to pander to some self-styled right-wing New Yorkers?

My Low-brow political humor

For instance, earlier this week I got all worked up over Gregory Djerejian’s3 article on the disciplined swift-boating of our military personal by digusting traitors to America like Glenn Reynolds4 .

Thank god for Sadly, No!’s attempt to cheer up Greg by presenting George Bush as Dr. Seuss’s Snorlax.

Or Paul Hipp’s well-produced audio of George Bush as George Harrison/The Walrus.

It helps me keep my “freedom-hatin’” sanity: Koo-Koo-Kachoo!

College memory

I’m told by many in college I lived in a house of “Sexist-Beer Guzzling-Jock-Asshole’s.

Well during one such drunken rampage, a friend of mine chalked “I am the Walrus!” on the courtyard wall (along with a funny drawing which, in retrospect, looks like a cross between Bush as Snorlax (above) and John Bolton). In any case, someone else in the house put him down by chalking “You are the idoit!” underneath it. Yes, I got the spelling right; the anonymous person did not.

Great fun!

The waiting staff of Page House spent the next two years calling each other “idoits” before, during, and after dinners.

Today we salute you Mr. anonymous put-down chalker.

1 Though Rikk might be very interested in the “Win a Trip with Thomas Freidman.” Anyway, despite Tom Friedman’s recent conversion and I’m in agreement with many of the things said in his interview with Terry Gross, I’m still of the opinion that he is a libertarian nitwit, not qualified to talk about economics. The only columnist at the Times worth his salt is Princeton economist, Paul Krugman. You can take that fact to the bank.
2True to my word, I stopped reading the New York Times Op-Ed when they started charging. I picked up the Washington Post, but am in the process of dropping them because their idiot ombudsman feels that her job is to act as a mouthpiece of the Post instead of one of it’s readers. I’m keeping Dan Froomkin’s “White House Briefing” because it is an excellent summary of the issues.

I have expressed my pessimism with the whole TimesSelect idea before, and, if the shareholder’s revolt is true, I guess I can grasp the obvious before most people do.

3 To understand the significance of Greg Djerejian, you should realize that his is a true-believer neo-con in the stripe of Khalilzad. The guy strongly advocated the war in Iraq and voted for Bush in 2004, not exactly the sort of person you’d expect to being a “freedom-hating, traitorous fag” as the right-wingers put it.
4 Many say that Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) is a right-of-center blogger. What a laugh track that is! Bush has 30% approval ratings and a majority of americans oppose his views on nearly every issue and/or attribute to Bush policy positions that he is diametrically opposed to. If Glenn Reynolds isn’t the very definition to stark-raving right wing apologist, I don’t know what is. (I’m sure other than his traitorous political views, he’s a really nice guy—so are a lot of my right-wing friends.)

3 thoughts on “Politics (and Humor)

  1. This thread on Something Awful makes for some incredibly funny reading. It is worth skimming a lot of the original poster’s comments later. They range from some amusing observations of Condi Rice’s perfume:

    Everyone loves how Condi smells and we do anything we can to sniff her while she isn’t looking. If I knew what perfume she wears, I would simply soak a sock in it and writhe in orgasmic excstacy without having to stalk her everywhere she goes. After she shook hands with Putin, he sniffed his hand again and again. Her aroma is heavenly and legendary throughout the world.

    to some hilarious frat humor:

    We have applied the terror alert color system to the urgency with which we need to use the restroom when we’re in a meeting. It’s subtle to say, “I’ve got a code yellow going on.” which means, “We should probably break in 15 minutes or so, something is going on downstairs.” A code red is time to generate an instant distraction for bathroom time.

    to the practical:

    I never do any personal web surfing at work. I know a few people who do, but they’re usually robots with nothing to hide. You can tell who the closet freaks are by who does and does not do personal web surfing. Condi is as clean as Gandhi’s steak knives, so she does personal stuff all the time. This one guy I work with I am convinced is a closet homosexual or something, because of some comments he made to me, and he doesn’t so much as check his e-mail.

    to the insightful:

    Democracy as a government relies upon the ability of factions to compromise on divisive issues through rational debate instead of violence. The current political power brokers have figured out how to short circuit this process by focusing national attention on issues which are based on differences of non-negotiable, irrational moral sentiment, and are thus not subject to resolution through rational reconciliation. They’ve broken democracy.

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