OSCON 2k5: PHP talks announced.

OSCON August 1-5Chris Shiflett has a nice overview of the “talks that made the cut” for OSCON 2k5 (complete list) and I’m happy that I made the list (and thankfully they’ve only taken one of my talks).

Now if I follow my previous modus operandi, I can expect to finish the talk about 5 minutes before I have to give it.1 But it’ll be good so you better come see it!

(O’Reilly goes to great lengths to unify their accounts but the speaker registration doesn’t count among them. What’s up with that?)

I’m thinking of driving up there and getting some waterfall photographs in the Columbia River Gorge afterward. It’ll be less than ideal, but according to the map, driving up there should only take an hour or two longer than going home to San Diego. I wonder if there are other things I can pick up along the way up since I’m not giving a tutorial.

Now that I have Tiger installed, this is a wonderful opportunity to check out the inline in PDF viewer in Safari RSS. Verdict: Very feature poor. Not nearly as good as the PDF Browser Plugin. However since I stopped using the latter since it cost money, I’ll remain cheap and stick with the former. Both use Quartz so they render fast. Where is the outcry from all those Apple developers about driving Shubert out of business with inline PDF?

Safari Screenshot

1Caitlin points out that I’m the last talk on the last day. I guess they knew about my procrastination. Personally, I hate giving the last talk because everyone is totally burned out by then.

2 thoughts on “OSCON 2k5: PHP talks announced.

  1. Actually, we put you on the last day, because Nat wants that day to be all of the best talks, so that people won’t leave early.

    In other words, you’re last because your talks rock.

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