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See our open offices with free food, beer, and t-shirts at Lunch 2.0 today!

Photos of my workstation are like photos of “What’s in my bag”—they seem to draw a voyeur-like fascination just short of a shot of a pretty girl.

Well since we recently tore down the cubes, I finally set up my workstation. You can come to Lunch 2.0 this Friday and see for yourself, but just in case you happen to be in Mexico drinking Corona’s that day:

My new open office setup

My new open office setup
North Beach, San Francisco, California

Leica M8, Cosina-Voigtländer NOKTON 35mm F1.2 Aspherical
1/16sec, iso 320, 35mm (47mm)

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[Inventory and open office after the jump]


Here is an inventory of my stuff. In case you are thinking of stocking up on your own desk:

[in progress]

12 thoughts on “The open office

  1. Hey Terry, what is your MacBook Pro on? Looks like some kind of dual monitor stand thing with an attachment for a laptop. Link me up to that. I have a macally stand for mine, but that one is really nice.

  2. @Brian Moon: ‘sokay. In case you missed it, it’s an Ergotron arm. Love that company because it’s reasonably priced. They can’t hold the 30″ though, there are special mounts for those.

  3. @Mikael Berggren It’s an idea so I’d love to see it in more places. 🙂

    @Robert I didn’t see anyone from CNET there. It made Baby Jesus cry.

        1. I have an old, old (circa 2000) Humanscale keyboad tray on my home desk :-). It's been with me through about 5 or 6 desks so far. I love it. 🙂

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