My Plaxo Spam

Now that Pulse is officially out, I decided to “spam” my Plaxo members. I don’t know if it’s really spam since these are only the people already on Plaxo and I had to add them each individually (I wish there was a bulk function.)

A peek at Plaxo Pulse

[About Plaxo and Lunch 2.0 after the jump]

My Pulsing spam

Here is the spam:

Spamming Plaxo Pulse (it’s like a distributed Facebook newsfeed), add your blog, flickr, and shitz. (Get it on your iPhone.)

Add Want to create your own shortlink? Go to Settings/Plaxo on the new Plaxo Online.

(No, I don’t work at Plaxo anymore. But I know people who do if you want to set up a Pulse integration point. or you can talk to Plaxo personally as to why the site is slow at Lunch 2.0 next week at Plaxo’s new headquarters in Mountain View. And say hi to me also, I’ll be there, of course.)


A little bit about Lunch 2.0

A few people e-mailed me or messaged me about Pulse. I knew about it. In fact, Lunch 2.0 had the scoop on Pulse. Dave said, “Lunch 2.0, Plaxo, Scoble and CNET all in one article.”

Not bad for a free lunch, huh? 😀

Future Lunch 2.0’s:

  • 8/8 AOL, Mountain View, Silicon Valley
  • 8/9 Powerset, SOMA, San Francisco
  • 8/15 Plaxo, Mountain View, Silicon Valley

More in San Francisco and the Bay Area, and Seattle, Germany, and Los Angeles (and beyond)?


I wish that I could bulk connect to my Plaxo friends. That was an hour I’d never get back.

Finally, Digg is halfway useful to me.

Small UI thing: It’d be nice to see the count of how many people in each network I have. This way I know what a contact whore I am.

Plaxo needs to publish the API. What’s the point of “Share a message, link, or video” if you can’t publish via client? It’d be nice if they had an API where third party application developers could hook up feeds to Plaxo.

Speaking of which. Mobile push, bitches! Me want.

Top three hook ups I’d like to have: Upcoming, Socializr, and Facebook. Scrape me!

It’d be nice if I could train it what the interesting stuff is. My Pulse is starting to get overwhelmed already.

9 thoughts on “My Plaxo Spam

  1. Hi Terry,

    Pulsing Spam, I like it.

    I tried to enter my shortlink but for some reason it won’t let me, it’s grayed out. Hope to see you on Wednesday – I’ve got a product design thing going on but I hope to be able to sneak out.


  2. @Joseph: Thanks for the correction.

    Also, I know the Powerset one is filled up. But if you want in, just show up. If they stop you, give me a ring the day of and I’ll get you in.

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