Karma catches up with Jack?

Trent is reporting that MacMice has shut down.

I’ve alluded to Jack Campbell’s abusiveness and deceptiveness before. One thing I never understood about the Mac world was their willingness to give this guy the benefit of the doubt. Granted, you shouldn’t hold a man’s criminal record against him, but it should bias your opinions. I mean how many time does the community need to be clocked on the head to realize that enough is enough? MacTable, MacWhispers “rumor site”, Griffin/DVForge, his verbal abusiveness and lying on multiple comment boards, Kensington/DVForge, and finally this marketing stunt.

What the Mac blogging world will do for a free shoddily constructed optical mouse?.

This is a nice obituary of the company.

One thought on “Karma catches up with Jack?

  1. I have some new information about Jacks latest frauds and thefts up until February 2007. He is still leaving a trail of destruction behind him and has not changed in any way. I would be very interested to know where he is now. I can provide details of his recent capers to anyone interested.

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