Joining the anti-social

Blake Robinson is the lone pro-Zune voice in the CrunchGear wilderness. (Probably because they weren’t bribed like the Gizmodo folks were.) When commenting about their new commercial, I wondered if he’s found any Zune love out there.

He hasn’t.

An interesting thing he mentions in passing: he leaves the WiFi off because of battery drain. Remember five years ago CmdrTaco uttered the fabled words about the iPod release:

No wireless. Less space than a nomad. Lame.

I was inspired to comment because the actual article mentioned the old gospel: Microsoft is really “hear to stay.” (As long as “Plays For Sure” or “Portable Media Center”?) As people know, this meme really pushes my buttons because it’s so bullshit: PhotoDraw anyone?

I can’t find the comment. 🙁

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