I’m Bruce Langdon!

I’m Bruce Langdon!

Reading Dassi’s post about the new features in Plaxo’s member e-mails, I noticed something familiar in the corner.

Picture of me? Check. My birthdate? Check. Name of person? Bruce Langdon?

Well at least I’m not Dan Brown. Hmm, not a bad idea. I should blog in the Dan Brown style:

Renowned PHP developer and amateur photographer Terry Chay wandered into a weird circumlocution. He eruditely lunged to make an astute reference to the first impressionist painting he could think of, a Seurat. Bringing up its pointillism in a deft bit of logorrhea, he had escaped the corner he had painted himself in and broke free toward the clean lines of the moderated comments section, away from the mob of albino Java developers that had angrily barraged him with that chilling whisper: “enterprise.” So close!

But then the enormous steel grate came crashing down blocking his path…

(If Dan Brown can turn steampunk sci-fi into a bestseller, this sort of writing should do wonders for my Technorati ranking.)

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