Google and the Desktop

J was working on analyzing some of our website data warehouse statistics today on Excel.

M (sarcastically): What are you doing using Excel? You should totally be using Google Spreadsheet for that!

Google Spreadsheets

Me (sarcastically): Yeah because we all know Web 2.0 is the bomb. Microsoft better watch out!

J: The only idea worse than a web-based Excel is a web-based Photoshop.

M (sarcastically): That is a great idea! How long before you think Google takes GIMP and ajaxifies it and releases it? Look it’ll have Photoshop import/export!

J: What a bad idea.

Me: That’s awesome! And when it gets really popular they can release a “desktop version.”

M: Yeah, they can call it “GIMP.”

Me: That’s a great name! It can stand for “Google Image Manipulation Program.”

Note to the “tech press”: stop sucking Google’s dick.

2 thoughts on “Google and the Desktop

  1. It seems short-sighted to me that you overlook the potential for spreadsheet collaboration…

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