Trying to insert revisionist nuance into your thesis or the act of drawing a darkly ominous inference from an opponent’s failure to discuss a political issue.

from the Wingnut Debate Dictionary and Balloon Juice comments.

There are other amusing wordplays on the libertarian/authoritarian blogger, Glenn Reynolds (a.k.a Instapundit)

The practice of saying, after the fact, that just because you linked to something outrageous with “this is interesting” or “everyone shoudl read this,” you don’t necessarily agree with the linked sentiments, their having been exposed as utter pig-bollocks.

Glenndemma (“reaching a” or “being in”)
When the disconnect between what you believe in and reality grows to such a degree that you become confused and either docile or unusually aggressive.

Penis Glennvy
the belief that by linking to Instapundit and his posts, rightwing bloggers can extend their influence and reputation into the blogosphere. Indeed.

Says a lot of the quality of the law education in Tennessee.


“Low on morals; high on ethics.”


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