im n ur feed, posting ur fotos

Another Friday afternoon ego boost, this time from Mashable and ValleyWag.


Thanks, Owen! 🙂

[newsfeed stuff after the jump]

(I think feed voting is a great idea!)


People all the time joke with me that I’m in their newsfeed. Well you can filter me out right now (it just takes a degree in Facebook to figure out how). Or, simply stop clicking on my items, eventually I’ll drop off your feed. 😉

By the way, I always list myself as “maybe” on Facebook events I get invited to (or ones I can’t go to). I do the same on Upcoming. This way, an event you might be interesting might appear in your feed.

I think it’s called “feed-whoring.”

If it’s not a word, it should be.

And, in a nod to my friends at the ’wag, and to pre-empt any snide commentary, remember

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