When “elitism” fails, try…

Having failed to beat their own into submission by labeling them “elitists.” The White House has tried a different tact: they’re sexist.

Who are they trying to speak to? Do they really think they can shame their own attack dogs on this line? These are the same people who believe why more men are becoming Republicans.1

This stuff is just too funny.

1 Maybe that explains why the Right has it in for Harriet Miers—retouching can only do so much.

5 thoughts on “When “elitism” fails, try…

  1. I linked Dave Frum’s piece under “their own attack dogs” and he continues with more. Realize this is coming from the former neocon speechwriter of the Bush administration.

    Here is an analysis from the Op-Ed of the Washington Post which jives with my reading of things: the Right has too-long listened to their own mythology of a new conservative resurgence when in reality they were at their peak. They and the rest of America have parted ways and they are looking around and find that they don’t like the company they keep.

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