Dell DJ Ditty

Dell DJ Ditty

Dell DJ Ditty, originally uploaded by tychay.

Dell is about to introduce the long-awaited (I’m sure) DJ Ditty (purchase).

An eyesore and an eight month turnaround to copy a device consisting of generic components. Is this what “player-hater”, Robert Enderle, meant when he said, “Historically staid companies like Gateway, HP, Acer, and even Dell are much more aggressive on design today, often surpassing Apple, which was preeminent in this area in the 90s.” Enderle singing a dirge for Apple: Seventh time’s the charm Rob!

$50 cheaper and a screen to boot? Wow, Mark you better hold of getting that iPod Nano for Rose, I’m sure she’ll love it.1

1 Caitlin and I saw the nano in Palo Alto about the same time Mark and Rose saw it in Seattle. Caitlin said, “I didn’t seen the point of the mini, but I understand why people would want to buy this.” Mark mentioned that they had tons of iPod nanos on display in Seattle, “And all the other iPods were being neglected.” Looks like another winner. I wonder how long it will take for Dell to come out with a knockoff of it that nobody will buy.

Have you noticed the difference in presentation between the iPod Shuffle and the DJ Ditty? Wow, Dell can’t you rub two cents together and get a set of decent web designers and brand marketers?

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  1. Motorola’s CEO shows that he just doesn’t get it. Looks like Jobs gave Moto the big shaft with the nano announcement.

    When will people figure out that they can’t run the risk of their battery going out because they are listening to tunes? Or that people don’t want to rev their music player at the same rate as their cell phone?

    The RAZR is so nice and the ROKR is such crap. Everyone on the net is joking that you should just buy a nano and a RAZR and just duct tape them together.

    God knows it’d be more stylish than the ROKR.

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