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I know everyone thinks that I have the hate on Ruby, but “some of my best friends use Rails.” 🙂

Actually, I used to work with the CEO and CTO of BrightRoll and they have a killer product. BrightRoll is a preroll and postroll advertising platform with customers such as CBS, ABC, Fox News, Comcast, and ESPN. (Note to BrightRoll: The RealMedia full episode ads don’t deliver on CBS Mac Safari. Your problem?) Think of all of that revenue and product traction with only 10 employees! They currently work out of the Financial District in San Francisco right near Chinatown (good food) and very easy access to the BART. Sometimes we have lunch and shoot the shit.

(And yes, they use Ruby on Rails. Dru has put a lot of thought into his platform choice, including a lot of discussions with me. When I grow up, I want to be Dru.)

You can read about the job openings here, but here is a quick summary:

  • Ruby/Rails Engineer
  • Operations Engineer
  • Server/Back end Engineer
  • Senior Product Manager

The most important features they are looking for are:

  1. Intelligence / Skills
  2. Culture fit
  3. Experience

So either look them up and/or pop me an e-mail explaining why I should refer you. Disclaimer: I get $5k if I refer you so it’s probably better you have someone else who knows them refer you, since it’ll just go into my “piss on Rails” piggy bank.

As I like to say, in Web 2.0 there are basically only two products out there: search and social networking. And both of them are powered by advertising. No matter what happens with the internet video thing, one thing is certain, it’s going to be powered by advertising. And Brightroll will be there to ensure that deliverability.

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3 thoughts on “BrightRoll is hiring

  1. Hi there, are you interested in having a brief discussion about Plaxo and your experiences there? Based on what you have written about it and your background I would like undersand the workings of Plaxo better and what it might take to create a tool that leveraged the power of Plaxo or a similar tool as a new offering for a stale old marketplace related to Plaxo.

    You can email me, I will make my cell phone available so we can chat.

  2. @Kevin: I’m probably not the person to talk to, the best one is probably Joseph Smarr, their Chief Software Architect. I didn’t have a hand in the Plaxo API other than to suggest it be built.

  3. hey Terry, thanks for teh add…

    er.. I mean thanks for the job mention!

    @Kevin: Kevin be very open when approaching Plaxo. They used
    to get approached all the time by people who just wanted to spam
    the system.

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