Blogging on my birthday

Wow, it’s my birthday already. Happy Birthday…to me!

And few things make me happier than when I see my own Plaxo e-cards sent to me on my birthday. Some of you can guess why…

Here is a selection of some of them.

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Plaxo Birthday eCard from Dru

I’m so jonesing for one of these.

(Damn you, Steve Jobs!)

Plaxo Birthday eCard from Peter

One day when I was a little froshling at Caltech a guy nicknamed, “Fester” (because he had been at Caltech so long) was in the Beer Room (House Library) having a frustrating time with his problem set (as usual). Just below a tour group of families of prospectives were on the Olive Walk being shown around this elite science institution.

Fester yells out the window: “Caltech sucks! Caltech sucks! CALTECH SUCKS!”

(long pause)

“…and don’t send your kids here!”

God, I miss Fester.

Plaxo Birthday eCard from Mike

I forgot that I used to bartend throughout college. You outgrow Kamikazi’s but they’re still the quickest and cheapest way to get drunk. Now, I’m older and richer and can afford better. But my tolerance is lower so that was a waste of earnings…

Plaxo Birthday eCard from Joseph

I love the non repeating borders, too Joseph. PHP, huh? Any of them interested in working for Tagged? 😀

Plaxo Birthday eCard from Wendy

Is it a tad ironic that the head of Plaxo’s Quality Assurance sends me a card with image #1, default border, default color, default font?

Plaxo Birthday eCard from Mariano

Mariano worked in the same offices of me at Tagged. I’ve converted him. Maybe I can get Tagged to the point where I can convert all my friends from Plaxo.

Plaxo Birthday eCard from Ryan

Ryan doesn’t know it yet, but someday someone will be talking about BEC and he’ll whip out into a discussion of states of matter and spinodal decomposition and school that jerk.

Plaxo Birthday eCard from Stuart

Wow, that makes like six people who read my blog! Whoo hoo! Time to paaaaa-ty!

An easter egg

Did you know you can make Plaxo eCards clickable to anywhere you want? Here is the trick. Use this URL.

An explanation

  • filters This number says it’s a birthday card.
  • imgId This number is for image uploads.
  • card_url Where you want the card to hyperlink

It’d be nice to add that to my bookmarklet, but I’m real lazy. 🙂

A birthday wish

A lot has changed for me this year for the better. I hope you have the happiest day today, for my sake.

To all of you out there who send me cards, wishes, or whatever, thanks for sharing this day with me.

5 thoughts on “Blogging on my birthday

  1. You have lots of friends and well-wishers for an I =) You are an E in disguise. I hope you had a good one in front of your computer.

  2. @holly: I’m still an introvert. I’m just play an extrovert on Lunch 2.0. Plus, I’m a total “contact whore” as the Operation Manager puts it. 🙂

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