At least I’m not tone deaf

Thanks to Gizmodo, I just wasted 10 minutes.

It’s a lot of fun.

I’m so musically challenged I was sure I was tone deaf—think of growing up Korean but not being about to play an instrument. In junior high school drama, I was traumatized when I had to do a duet—I was always singing off key. Oh well, it was a great way to avoid athletics for one quarter out of the year.

If they picked sides in band camp, I’d definitely have been the last one picked.

But I got an 83.3%, which is above the mean. I guess it’s the memory thing.

(Good thing they didn’t ask me to hum any of it.)

3 thoughts on “At least I’m not tone deaf

  1. I do play a bunch of instruments and can play stuff I hear, but I can’t play directly from a sheet (need to hear the rhythm once). Still I got only 88.9%. Maybe I didn’t concentrate enough.

  2. @Nico: Did you play back the ones you missed at the end? A couple of them were really hard and took a couple of playbacks to realize what I missed.

    IIRC, according to the graph 88.9% is very high. I was shocked at my performance. I think that while it may be very good at finding people who are tone deaf, there is no evidence that higher scores don’t correlate with musical ability.

    But in any case, it’s good fun.

  3. Yeah I did. Actually I had no problem finding the one note that’s different after I knew they are different. But the difference did just add some “sugar” to the original theme.

    It’s like with all that rock guitarist with their crazy Gc79 accords. Most of the fans won’t hear it anyway, it just helps when you want to avoid getting played by some school rock band 😉

    With the low number of questions the exact percentage doesn’t make really sense. I got only two more right than you, and if I got one more I would be over 90%, which is in the excellent range. Maybe that means you have talent and should start playing an instrument =)

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