Aryan Fever

Someone from Taiwan told me their sister isn’t digging some guy because he’s Asian and she’s not into Asians.

This, of course, reminded me of “Yellow Fever.” What’s weird about that mockumentary is that it isn’t about “Yellow Fever” since that’s when a white guy is digging some East Asian girl.

What do you call it when a asian girl only goes out with white guys?

I asked my good friend Redgee for what they call it—after all, if anyone should know it should be a Filipino. 😀

First he suggested “twinkie” but that wasn’t quite right. He didn’t know so he coined the term “Aryan Fever.”

I love it! Next time I need to refer to a girl like that, I can just say “Yeah, she’s part of the Joy Division.”


It’s good to have friends like Redgee.

5 thoughts on “Aryan Fever

  1. Redgee and I are still searching for a good term for Aryan Fever. (According to Redgee somewhere around 20% of asians are afflicted with it.)

    We did find some amusing stuff on Asia’zine and Wikipedia, but nothing for this.

    Still, we don’t know what to call it. Anyone troll MySpace for what the term is?

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