TaskPaper Formatter Plugin for WordPress

The goal here is to create a simple plug-in that will format taskpaper entries.

TaskPaper Plugin:
permalink: http://terrychay.com/wordpress-plugins/taskpaper-formatter

– read devlounge wordpress plugin http://www.devlounge.net/extras/how-to-write-a-wordpress-plugin @done(2009-10-23)
– write a plugin by forking hello dolly and modifying @done(2009-10-24)
– figure out how plugins can create markdown code shortcodes @done(2009-10-25)
– handle list formatting
– handle : formatting
– handle @dones
– handle other @tagging
– test @taginmiddle so that it is highlighted
– fancy formatting from this project? http://code.google.com/p/taskpaperplus/

– some more with spacer (and tabbing)


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