I recently purchased a picturewall in order to add some accents to my otherwise boring apartment. It’s been on my to do list forever and now that I own a couch, hanging up some “fotografs,” as Caitlin puts it, was my next priority.

A quick run to Costco today allowed me to add a few photos.

Picturewall (detail)

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DX smackdown

Someone on flickr decided to engage in a smackdown of the APS-C format.

The problem with these is that they often parrot experts who don’t really remember their history. I’m sure when these experts were young pups, they defended their 35mm film cameras against the old codgers doing medium or full-frame photography. They miss the reality that they’ve become the old codgers themselves.

I’m not claiming that they don’t have a valid argument. I’m just claiming they’re a guilty of hypocrisy: They diss another format as being the “one true format” implicitly exposing own bias in their own format as the “one true format.”Continue reading

No value deal


I stopped by Wendy’s on the way back from the ski rental. I noticed the double was selling for $1 more than the single and the triple was $1 more than the double.

But they were advertising “Double the beef just add 89 cents.” So technically you save 11 cents if you order a single and “double” it. Also does that mean you get a quad for less than the price of a triple if you “double the beef” on a double, or was there some fine print I missed?

It’s strange that the menu system in fast food places requires such a large amount of financial arithmetic in order to order something. I wonder if Dave Thomas is rolling over in his grave.

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Gmail to Plaxo import

An interesting question came up the other day about gMail synchronization with Plaxo.

Synchronization is not possible because Google doesn’t provide an API for synching. (In fact, AFAIK, they only publicly provide Gmail import.) Without a synchronization API, there is no way to handle resolving issues where a contact is changed on both Gmail and Plaxo (or Plaxo-supported clients and devices). However, for around six months now, Gmail import has been supported.
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Big Trouble in Little OSCON

It turns out two of my talks have been accepted at OSCON this year.

OSCON 2k6 speakers

They are “0 to 60 in 45 minutes: A Down and Dirty Ajax Design Patterns firedrill” in the new AJAX track and “The Underpants Gnomes Strategy Guide: An Ecards Case Study” in the PHP track.

Given my penchant for working on my talk during the conference, I figure I am royally screwed this time. How am I supposed to cram two talks worth of slides during OSCON week? Does this mean I’ll actually have to prepare my talk beforehand? *shudder*

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