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Trying out the new TypePad micro feature. It certainly seems to share a lot of influences from Twitter, WordPress P2, Pownce, etc. but the biggest influence has to be Tumblr.

The sidebar on the right certainly makes things more accessible for a first time user. The auto-capture of your Gravatar is pretty cool (since it did that, I don’t know if it grabs the Facebook image if you integrate with that first). However, I think the layout is still too busy (also it should be integrated to the blog page a la P2 and Twitter.

Verdict: They should have stolen more shit from Tumblr.

Other deal killers: They only allow image upload (instead of image by URL or via linked accounts), and don’t automatically pull content in from your other sites (nor do they automattically push content out to other sites: all push is manual). No support (or non obvious support) for oEmbed. This is a frustrating experience for a content creator, especially if you like storing content on Flickr like yours truly.

I love where they’re going with this, but the product falls short right now.

I wish SixApart a lot of luck (but not too much luck, I do work for Automattic. 😉 )

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