Zugster Custom bags

I’m not too sure where this belongs, but a website mentions a custom bag manufacturer: Zugster bags. These are real custom, made-to-order messenger bags right down to the pockets, pads, and the stitching.

Yes, it’s expensive and the wait is going to be like three months but flipping through these bags gives me a big smile:

Zero Per Gallon-3

Derek’s “Heart of Pennsylvania” bag next to Jonny5’s Baileyworks with zeropergallon.com patch. These bags highlight two things close to my heart: Western Pennsylvania and bicycling.

I mention this because they are using Flickr for hosting images of these bags as they’re created. Here is the set for their messenger bag line.


With a little creativity, maybe you can get a liner going to make a customized photo bag. Like maybe getting liner from Crumper and mixing it with this bag.

Just a thought.

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