Wedding Filmography

Caitlin decided to try her hand at Wedding Filmography. You can see her samples.

We’ll see how it goes. She films in high definition video, knows non-linear editing, and has the all the right toys. IMO, she is quite good. I’m biassed though. 🙂

SilverKeys Videography

I think it is the little things you’ll notice such as the wide-screen format, high quality compression for the web, tracking shots with a steadicam, clever uses of the Ken Burns effect timed to the music, tasteful live typing, and non-distracting cuts instead of cheese-ball cross fades and “lets throw every iMovie plugin I purchased” stuff you see in other wedding videos.

But the big thing I like is she started a blog to help people do their wedding videos themselves. Given how rapacious the wedding industry is, I really like that.

But if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can hire her from Craigslist.

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