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I got an e-mail today in which someone asked to use a photo of mine for a Christmas prayer.

A photo of mine

This use is well within my creative commons license, but it’s always a nice touch when I’m shown how my photos are used. Besides, I always had a soft spot for Episcopalians. 🙂

I noticed they’re using Joomla as their CMS. That’s interesting. Their template seems to be missing deep links, though.

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Other people have asked/informed me of photo usage. Currently my most used photo is this one of Angel Island:

Angel Island at dawn

Angel Island at dawn
Marin County, California

Nikon D70, Nikkor 12-24mm f/4G, tripod
f/4 at 1/13 second, 12mm (18mm), iso 200

which was used in some travel brochure and this blog posting.

It was easy to give permission to Sierra Club for one of my favorite photos:

Redwoods and West Berry Creek

Redwoods and West Berry Creek
Big Basin State Park, Santa Cruz Mountains, California

Nikon D70, Nikkor 12-24mm f/4G
Vari-ND filter, Gitzo 1228LVL tripod, RRS BH-55 ballhead
(3 exposures at 1/4", 1.3" and 3") @ f/16, iso 200, 12mm (18mm)

In many ways if they didn’t do the work they did, I couldn’t have taken it.

I was told by Caitlin that number of my photos were used for the promotion of the Human Race. That was a nice touch since I wasn’t the official photographer of the event:

Runner 693

Runner 693
Shoreline Park, Mountain View, California

Nikon D70, Nikkor 12-24 f/4G
81A + polarizer, SB-800
1/500 sec @ f/10, iso 800, 24mm (36mm)

If you use a photo of mine, I always appreciate knowing.

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