From my aunt’s e-mail thread.

Here is family photo sans Aboji. I sent you this photo of us in our Seoul house in 1954. We had a large spacious house with tatami mats, heated floors and a large yard with a garden. Surrounding it was a cement wall for privacy. The back of the photo gives our names and ages. (The ages are Korean ages, meaning it is one year older than it is here in the western world).

Francis Ree Family

Clockwise from the top left: (Hay In) Francis 19, (Shin He) Teresa 17 (my mother), mother (grandma), (Jung He) Jeanne 9, and (Ju He) Bernadette 20.

So you were the top tenth of one percent. The Mitt Romney’s of the world walled off from the plebs. 😉

I wrote about our house in Korea because Aunt Tamaye mentioned in her recollection about Grandpa Aboji’s clothing and the “Y” hotel we stayed at and the small apartment we rented in SLC. It must have been tough for my older siblings going from living in spacious house, with all the privileges that Grandpa’s name brought, and then moving to cramped housing in the U.S.. Uncle Francis slept on a couch in a small living room and us three girls shared a bedroom. Aunt Tamaye and Uncle Francis were enrolled at the U of Utah (I think Uncle was a freshman and Aunt was a sophomore or junior). Aunt Teresa was enrolled at Judge Memorial High School as a senior (I think).

When did Jeanne become Joan?

My baptismal name was Jeanne (pronounced “gee-an” with slight emphasis on the “gee” part). When we came to the U.S. it was changed to Americanized Joan and that is on my citizenship paper.

Jeanne is the French version of Joan, Jeanne D’Arc

Makes sense.  Learned something new today.

Alex, not only that, but apparently like Trump, they never paid their taxes back then! Mom used to say that when the tax collector came, Grandma would hold out arms, wrists up and say, “Take it out of my blood, because we don’t have any money!” 😀

Haha, I think I have faintly remember my mom doing that. Maybe Aunt Tamaye or Uncle Francis may enlighten us more. (The government was very corrupt back then and taxes went to the coffers of already wealthy officials.)

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