Pounce in shadow

Photo from May 3, 2006.

Pounce in shadow
Pounce in shadow
Riverstone Townhomes, Sunnyvale, California

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX1
Adobe Lightroom
0.6sec @ ƒ2.8, iso 80, 6.3 (28mm)

I forgot how many things I (still) own from the new apartment: the bicycles and bike rack, my mom’s paintings from Japan, the Sharp Aquos LCD TV set is in now in the bedroom, the component rack in my dad’s house, the Plexo light in storage, and the speakers are in a pile of stuff to go to Goodwill (the DVI cable and eating tray were already given away). The strange cabling was because I snaked an extra-long DVI cable down from my girlfriend’s PowerMac G5 upstairs so she could show wedding video montages to her clients.

This was my first time using my just-purchased Panasonic Lumix camera in a very low light situation. I may have pushed the optical image stabilization a bit too far, surprisingly, even though it is at the native ISO, the RAW file has a lot of noise by today’s standards. Yet back then, when I felt the delay of the exposure, I was shocked that I had a usable image at all. And 28mm and 16:9…oh, that sweet, sweet wide angle!

I miss my cat.

Cameras run in the family

Taikyue Ree somewhere over the Pacific (~1939)

This is a photo of my grandfather. This may have been taken around 1939 somewhere over the Pacific when he came as a postdoctoral student to study at Princeton University.

As you can see by what he is holding, photography runs in the family. 😉

A student of my grandfather (and my mom) managed to get a hold of an old family album sometime after his death in 1992. Because Korea is making a postage stamp of him, he digitized, posted the images for the steering committee, whereupon my uncle sent them to me. It is kind of crazy what sort of memories flipping through these scans bring to me, I can’t imagine how it makes my uncle feel.

Pork Tocino

If you live in The Richmond, you know that B*Star Bar is like eating at Burma Superstar but without the line.

Breakfast plate with pork tocino, garlic fried rice topped with two eggs cooked over easy. Spoon in foreground
Pork Tocino with Garlic Fried Rice
B*Star Bar, The Richmond, San Francisco, California, United States

Sony DSC-RX1
0.013 sec (1/80) @ f/4.5, iso400, 35 mm

My favorite brunch dish there is the Pork Tocino. Grilled jerk pork over a bed of garlic fried rice and cherry tomatoes, topped with scallions and balsamic vinegar.

Since Marie loves their Huevos Racheros, I end up ordering this dish a lot. The only times I don’t is when we bring a guest, then I suggest they get it and I order something else.

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Photo from March 14, 2015

Concord, California

Sony DSC-RX1
1/100sec @ f/5.6 iso 100, 35mm

I just was feeling the giant row of carts receding all the way into their garden center.

When Marie was shopping, another shopper was indignant, “I can’t get at [a free sample] because your cart is in the way.” I think if you can’t deal with giant-assed shopping carts, you might want to shop somewhere else.

Shopping at Costco in the ‘burbs is always a study in small contrasts:

  • There they are using new shopping carts that are cut lower in the front and are much quieter than the old metal ones in the City.
  • I also noticed that a shopper had left a half-eaten resealed bag of beef jerky in the book and DVD aisle. You’d think with all the free samples, they could have not been so cheap. Especially since I noticed that there are far more free samples here than in the city.
  • I found a term used by the Costco employees who gather the carts: “leave behind.” As in, “Dude, there’s a whole pizza leave behind back there.”