Tony Blair exits

The New York Times had an interesting article on the Labour Party and Tony Blair.

Apparently as Tony Blair gets pushed out, Gordon Brown will be replacing him. The article then talks about the uneasy alliance between the two:

Tony Blair and Gordon Brown

I really like the photo used in the Times article, because in many ways it shows the simplicity and power of photojournalism. What’s obvious is how animated Blair is, how not-telegenic his successor is, and how clearly they don’t get along—one resenting the other, the other not caring.

From the photo, is it no wonder, that Blair would have creamed Brown back in 1994? I knew this pretty girl, a Chinese exchange student, who, in 2001, confessed to me that she found Tony Blair really sexy.

But the world landscape has changed a lot in those 5 years—being George Bush’s poodle has its consequences.

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