Three new dSLRs and “camera feel”

David Pogue writes an article about three new dSLRs that I’ve been talking around in this blog.

They are:

I love the article because there is little bias and he explains the differences in terms most people can understand. (I delve into the technical too much to be a Dave Pogue.)

If I have a complaint, it is that he’s plays too nice to all three cameras.

Though he tries very hard to hide it, I think he really likes the Nikon the best of the three:

“[The Nikon D80 is] much smaller than the D70, but compared with the Canon, it’s in another ergonomic league; it just fits beautifully and solidly in the hand.”

Camera feel

I’m a big advocate of going to the camera store and actually trying out all the cameras before purchase and finding the one that “speaks to you.” And perhaps, I am so defensive of the L1 because it is obvious that the engineers thought a lot about camera feel.

Showing my Nikon bias? Probably.

Is it still good advice? Definitely.

6 thoughts on “Three new dSLRs and “camera feel”

  1. The viewfinder, spot metering an ergonomics are all advantages that seem to me to be “photographers’ advantages,” if that makes sense. They’re things that seem designed to get work done, while the XTi’s main advantage seems like a gimmick.

  2. Well really it’s main advantage is that it is $200 cheaper and sells with a cheap, crappy kit lens. 😀

    Of course, that’s a personal view. I’m sure a Canon user will highlight its light weight, among other subtleties.

  3. I got a chance to play with the L1 a bit in Japan. I fell in love with the camera at first site. But one peak through the viewfinder and all was not good. The UI of this camera is by far the best of the three. But it lacks any real hand grip, and the Viewfinder is no where near as nice as the D200 (and am assuming D80). The Lens is beautiful though.

    I’m pretty sure Laura will be getting a D80. Which leaves me with the older camera (d70)…

  4. Yeah, I had a feeling. I get the same feeling when I look through the E-330. It’s strange because the lens is about a half stop brighter which should mitigate the weakness of the viewfinder somewhat, but the complex mirror system + LiveMOS support just proves too costly.

    I have half a mind to wish that they got rid of the optical viewfinder altogether.

  5. I never got used to that. When I use my PowerShot S400 I never use the viewfinder (mind you on that camera it’s crap). I just don’t like composing through a digital image.

  6. True. I was thinking of more like a video camera style viewfinder. It’d be very uncomfortable for me, but maybe some others might not mind. I heard some bridge cameras work this way.

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