The Subaru Baja

M—: Whoa! What is that Subaru?

T—: I don’t know — an Outback?

M—: No, it looks like a pickup truck.

T—: Well Subaru used to make something like that called the BRAT, but that car looks too new.

T—: Whoa! It says “Subaru Baja” on it. That’s one weird looking car. You like it?

M—: Hell no! It’s the sort of car you’d probably be worried being hit by chewing tobacco if you passed it on the driver’s side…

T—: Yeah, I wonder what the target demographic was of the car — lesbian cowboys?

According to Wikipedia Subaru projected to sell over 24,000 Baja’s a year. Only 30,000 were should over 4 1/2 years.

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