The next one against the wall

One of the most enjoying things is reading the comments to the columnist Tom Friedman in the Times. As many of you, that one-man libertarian junket is a pet peeve of mine. But recently he’s been taking a lashing on the blogs and not an column goes by where the top rated comments mention his stupid views on the Iraq War and his World-Is-Flat-But-Wealth-Never-Is for years now. They’ve figured him out and they won’t let go. Recently, I was sent this humorous takedown from the co-author of Get Your War On.

Stick a fork in Freidman, because he’s done.

So when I read this shit from MoDo that begins:

On 9/11, President Bush learned of disaster while reading “The Pet Goat” to grade-school kids. On Tuesday, President Obama escaped from disaster by reading “The Moon Over Star” to grade-school kids.

(Yes, that’s right. This New Yorker equating the murder of 3000 innocents in her city and subsequent use of it for political partisanship and a war which shredded the constitution, killed hundreds of thousands, and bankrupted the country with a few nominees who were delinquent on taxes. Believe it or not, this is the high point of the article.)

All I have to say is, “Fuck you. You’re next.

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