The middle

“When the President wants to dismantle our Constitutional system of checks and balances, what’s the moderate position? To dismantle HALF the system?”
—pericles, a comment on ”The Radical Middle”

…it is not that the “middle” has been forsaken. It is that the vast majority of the American public has been forsaken, left, right and middle…We are all held hostage to system institutionalized bribery of the worst sort…”
—MSheppard, a comment on ”The Radical Middle”

Ironically the title of the article alludes to a distinction beyond the author. From wikipedia:

However, they differ significantly from traditional centrism, which prides itself on moderation and seeking political consensus amongst the parties; radical centrists, for example, are quite radical and populist in their stated policies. Radical centrists also can be divisive, as opposed to the non-partisan approach of traditional centrism.

Another irony is that the author claims that forsaking the center is what causes the elections to be close, when first year game theory/politial science shows that in a “single issue” election (i.e. an election where there is a well-defined left-right-middle) between two parties, then both candidates will gravitate toward the center making the election very close.

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