So Meta

I was reading Smithsonian’s 40th anniversary issue when I ran across this article on the future of reading.

Smithsonian on the iPad

Since I was on my iPad, I had to take this screenshot.

Get Zinio for the iPad, zoom in on what interests you, take a screenshot of it, and add it to Evernote.

“In my day, we clipping interesting articles with scissors and put it in a folder—a real physical thing made out of cardboard paper—and into something called a filing cabinet. That ‘desktop’ thing was just a metaphor for real physical stuff we used.”

“That’s crazy talk, grandpa!”

6 thoughts on “So Meta

  1. My wife still clips items out of the Sunday Times. Good thing too because they've put a paywall up on their site, and besides, much of their Irish content isn't available on the UK website 🙁

    1. Hopefully that will change. These companies should remember they’re not in the newspaper business, they’re in the media business.

    1. You can download the text of most articles on Zinio. But one thing about the OCR of screenshots. They’re more accurate than scans. 🙂

      1. A PDF + screenshot combo container or similar would be pretty interesting. Does something like that exist? It's ironic how primitive copy still is.

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