Sex talk

Someone asked me today if I plan on attending the Sex Worker’s Art Show which will be hitting San Francisco tomorrow.

The answer is no because I’m working all weekend, I just added it to my upcoming because I thought maybe others might be interested in it. But in all honesty, I’m just an introverted conservative at heart and I’m just too shy. Heck, I feel uncomfortable walking home at night.

The book, which is an analogy of stories from strippers to internet models and phone sex operators, sounds very interesting…

Working Sex

Working Sex: Sex Workers Write About a Changing Industry . I’ll be sure to buy this book after I get all my Amazon Affiliate rebates collected in one place.

See if the tour will be near you.

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People who test my boundaries

I’m now approaching living in San Francisco for a year now and I realize that I’ve met a number of people who push these boundaries: Morgan, Karen, Ed, Ariel, and Cyan, just to name a few. And, as I said before, despite my conservatism, I think it’s really great that they do, it’s what art is. And to use a karenism, it is what is so “esploder” about living in this city.

Last week, I stopped by merkley???’s 111 nudes at 111 Minna on 1/11 which was packed with beautiful photos and interesting people.

Looking at art 1

Looking at art 1” by Andrei Z. There was a long line to get in, but it was worth it.

And it reminded me that I need to add this book to my reading list:

The New Erotic Photography

I think The New Erotic Photography is a must have if you love photography at all.

And tell you, that if you can appreciate these things, consider becoming a photographer or model for Zivity.

College memories

I suppose the most liberal I got when it comes to the topic of sex was in college. Back then, I had the sort of friends who would hide the King Dong in your room at inopportune moments—right before the parents visited—and demand that the Love Ewe that they brought to house meetings deserved a vote.

(They eventually actually got quite good at it, and would make a game of seeing how many insane sex acts they could dream up, write about on Usenet, and get put into the kamasutra.)

As for me, I could relate closer to an underclassman, Seiya, who was had the cute, naïve freshman thing going on. This was further exemplified by his tendency to say, “Oh, no.” in a very calm and innocent voice whenever he was truly shocked, which occurred quite often at the hands of my other friends.

One day lounging around in the the beer room, J.P. calls out, “Hey, Seiya, do you know what cunnilingus is?”

“I think so.”

J.P.’s turn to be shocked, “You do? What is it?”

“I think it’s like a type of flower, isn’t it?”

J.P. pulls out the dictionary and tosses it to Seiya, “Look it up and read the definition aloud.”

Seiya starts paging through the dictionary, his eyes scan ahead before he starts reading… “Oh, no!”

Somewhere a purity point has just bit the dust—laughter ensues.

Now that I’m older, more mature, and more tolerant, I think that perhaps Seiya was right all along—maybe cunnilingus is a flower.

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  1. sex hasn’t changed the media changes hte actual way we think about sex, but behind door sex stayed the same. my opinion.

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