I’ve been a big supporter of Zivity.

My PHP friends tease me about this because Zivity is built on Rails.

Well, I got an invite to Zivity Beta the other day, so I figured I should subscribe to their blog. Today, I just wanted to link this great article from Forbes when I ran across this…

I mean it’s just a friggin’ blog! 😉

[Ruby stats after the jump.]

Warming up to the flames

(I almost feel guilty)

10 thoughts on “Must…resist…urge…

  1. For the ruby people saying this is “Mephisto” not “Rails” what sort of mentality causes someone to use Mephisto instead of WordPress or Moveable type for something like blogging? Could it be the same mentality of someone who uses Ruby over PHP and Python for building a website? Hmm…

    And those who say it’s “Rails” not “Ruby”, when I throw up the TIOBE stats, what do you think accounts for that search/job/book traffic? Ruby or Rails. Hmm…

    Just like PHP can’t (and doesn’t) deny the poor programming and security holes that it attracts, you RORCATs need to stop denying the fact that your language attracts programmers who can’t scale sites and shitty applications that rebuild the wheel (unsuccessfully).

    “Mephisto: The best blogging system ever.” Making fun of your egotistical stupidity is so easy, I almost feel guilty.

    Almost. 😀

  2. Part of the appeal of Zivity is that you don’t have to feel ashamed of looking at attractive women. Even Madame Elaine doesn’t pose nude (because you don’t have to be nekkid to be sexy!)

  3. Heh. Thanks Terry.

    We’ve already discovered this bug and started the migration to WordPress last week.

    We still think Rails is great 😉

    Btw, I have a printed copy of the Forbes magazine for you.

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