Purpose of Hands

When Drew finished the Mac client for release, I sent an “update request” to all my address book trying to get them to join Plaxo.

The Update Request has them update information in my Address Book, instead of asking them to become a member where the information is updated automatically and they get synchronization between their address books and with my contact information to boot. I wanted the latter but that only happens after the user has already done the former. I’m confused just trying to explain it.

See the problem is that the former benefits just me. The latter benefits them first, and me second.

Buried in the Windows client, there was an invite wizard and with today’s release this is exposed from the website under the campaign: “The Purpose of Hands.” (There is a pretty sophomoric parody on a tag line like that that I thought of while working on these pages—I’m sure you can guess:)

Purpose of hands

Click here to invite others to join Plaxo.

Why I’m not using it (yet)

I already hit my address book half a year ago. I’m going to wait until Plaxo adds a couple more things before hitting up my entire address book again.

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