Plaxo eCards adds borders

It looks like another point release of Plaxo came out. Again, I forgot what was in this release, but one feature I want to highlight is the new borders on the Plaxo eCards site.

Plaxo eCards 2.13
Plaxo eCards 2.13 (blue jeans border)
Plaxo eCards 2.13 (puzzle border)

I had a little fun trying to get the algorithm to render the designs that came out of creative services. Thank to Bill, Christian, and Michael for the cool borders, and Trevor for implementing the popdown code in the eCard UI.

An easter egg

A nice little easter egg that snuck into this release is the ability to upload a photo from a URL. This makes it easy to grab a photo from my Flickr account:

User uploaded photo

Of course, there is no UI on the server to support this yet, since this was done during a my last Haxo day.

Hmm, how to show you this wonderful feature? Time to whip a quick bookmarklet! Image as eCard.

Here is how it works.

  1. Drag the “Image as eCard” bookmarklet above to your browser toolbar.
  2. Navigate to a webpage with an (unlinked) image.
  3. Click on the bookmark.
  4. Click on the image.
  5. Speak the incantation “Plaxosenderimagina!”

Thanks to Michael Chiang for asking me to hack that in to Plaxo eCards, and Joseph for organizing the Haxo day.

(Yes, there are a couple of bugs I have to finish today. Why do you ask?)

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