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I noticed last week that Plaxo made the downloads chooser the default downloads page:

screenshot of Plaxo client downloads page. Get Plaxo Now.

Plaxo downloads chooser, originally uploaded by tychay.

This was the web page I screenshotted in order to explain what Plaxo is in my OSCON talk (soon to be put online, honest!).

This is great because just a few weeks back, Wez was asking me where the Thunderbird client was located. It was damn near impossible to find even though it was in public beta.

I thought I should comment about the four clients as they are not created equal.

  • Outlook and Outlook Express— This Windows-only client is the bread and butter of Plaxo. It has tight integration with Outlook and syncs your calendar in addition to your contacts and notes. It is really slick and has some new features coming down the pipe. The problem for me is I don’t use Windows very often and I dislike reading my e-mail in Outlook.
  • Internet Explorer (beta)— This is non-traditional. What it does is give you access to your Plaxo contacts and calendar from within your web browser. It also has a nice, non-obvious feature: Yahoo! synchronization. I use that to upload my address book to my Yahoo! account. When Yahoo! mail gets out of beta, it’s going to be very nice to see my entire Mac OS X Address Book1 on it. Take that, GMail!
  • Thunderbird (beta)— This doesn’t yet sync your calendar, task, notes with Sunbird, but it works fine on Windows and Mac. The Plaxo Thunderbird Client is also under Mozilla Public License so it you can feel free to hack it and tell us about it.
  • Online— This isn’t really a separate client—if you use any of the other clients you automatically can use the online one to access Plaxo from anywhere. This is what I work on and has some neat features not found in any of the others.
1 How do I sync Plaxo with my Mac OS X Address Book? Stay tuned to the downloads page.

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